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The Scottish Country Dance Index lists, in alphabetical order, all the dances for which the music is available on CD, and the album on which it is to be found. Further information on the list gives the type of dance (Reel, Jig, Strathspey, Medley, Waltz), the number of repeats as played on this particular album, and the number of bars. 

Dancers can now not only trace their favourite dance to a particular album, but also, where more than one artiste has recorded it, select their CD according to either the style or the speed of the music they desire.

The "pace" is calculated from the track time given on the CD sleeve, so includes chords. It is therefore only an approximate guide to the speed, but should be more than adequate for selecting the appropriate track to dance to.

All CDs are available from the Music In Scotland Music Store. Simply download the index below.

We also have a selection of Instructional Videos.


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