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Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries [CD]

Tony McManus - Mysterious Boundaries [CD]

Ref: CDTRAX376

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5018081037629

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The extremely talented Tony McManus is now regarded as one of the foremost guitarists of the Traditional / Contemporary / Celtic / Americana music scenes and regularly gigs and tours with some of the heavyweights in these musical genres from North America and elsewhere. Tony has now added another genre to his diverse music and has recorded an album of music more associated with the world of classical music. This is Tony in his element as ever and the CD will add a legion of new fans to his already massive following.

1. Les Barricades Mysterieuses
2. Allemande
3. Spanish Dance
4. Goldberg
5. Gnossienne #1
6. Prelude
7. Nigra Sum
8. Pange Lingua
9. Chaconne
10. Les Barricades Mysterieuses (Baritone guitar)

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