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Tim Edey - Homemade Dropped D Guitar Series 1 [DVD]

Tim Edey - Homemade Dropped D Guitar Series 1 [DVD]

Ref: GBDVD01

Format: DVD

EAN / ISBN: 0091037461353

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The Tim Edey's Homemade Dropped D Guitar Series 1 DVD is suitable for anyone wishing to learn the basics and more of this popular tuning.

Filmed entirely alone by Tim, this DVD is not meant to be a glitzy style movie, but an organic and incredibly useful learing tool for any guitarist beginning or wishing to learn or improve the basics and more of drop D tuning for Celtic and Folk music but can be applied to any genre within reason.

Playing a reel including rhythm & styles, Jigs & Polkas including detailed rhythm lessons, learn the popular tune 'Little Bird' written by Tim for Sharon Shannon, live clips of the tunes to play along with, and much more.

Over 1 hour of teaching and much more to get you going accompanying Celtic music.


Introduction by Tim
The basics & playing a reel
Playing jigs
Little Bird and tutorial
Chords & more
Live clips & play along

Format: PAL

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