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Tibet - Lam La Che [CD]

Tibet - Lam La Che [CD]

Ref: EUCD2462

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5019396246225

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Tibetan songs (featuring Keb’ Mo’ on tr. 15.) about longing to return to the home country, traditional songs from Tibetan provinces and from the capital, Lhasa. Songs about the fight for freedom, love songs as well as songs about the beauty of nature in Spring.

Played on traditional and modern instruments, described in the 20 page booklet (English and German). Lyrics in English.

1. Lok Dro
2. E Ari Lo
3. Tsering Mala
4. Rigsang Bumo
5. Benevolent India
6. Yangla
7. Chala
8. Khar Chu
9. Lama Khen
10. Lalu
11. Udang Lhemo
12. Pema Thang
13. Nangla Chungse
14. Shing Le
15. Lam la Che
16. Phelo Phelo
17. Orok Nagchung
18. Kipotang
19. Ning Thop

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