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Scottish Saltire

The Occasionals - Full Set Of Basic Ceilidh Dances (CD + DVD)

The Occasionals - Full Set Of Basic Ceilidh Dances (CD + DVD)

Ref: DVTRAX2021

Format: CD + DVD

EAN / ISBN: 5018081202195

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A DVD with a documentary about the band, and demonstrations showing how to do 12 Scottish Ceilidh dances, a booklet with the written instructions, and a CD with great, lively music for the twelve dances, plus four extra sets. The complete learner's kit, but great for the experts too! Freeland Barbour (Accordion, midi bass & piano), Kevin MacLeod (Banjo, mandolin & tenor guitar), Ian Hardie (Fiddle), Gus Millar (Drums).

- new music on audio CD for the twelve most popular Scottish ceilidh dances (recorded in the studio)
- written dance instructions in a booklet
- a DVD video of live dance demonstrations for each of twelve dances
- an additional four bonus tracks on the audio CD
- a one-hour documentary about the band on the DVD and background footage

DVD tracks:

1. The Gay Gordons
2. The Highland Schottische
3. The Eva Three Step
4. The Virginia Reel
5. St. Bernard's Waltz
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. The Military Two Step
8. The Pride of Erin Waltz
9. The Britannia Two Step
10. Strip The Willow
11. The Canadian Barn Dance
12. The Eightsome Reel

Audio CD tracks
1. Alex & Hazel Barbour
2. Tinker's Horse
3. Nineteenth Century Set
4. American Set
5. Old Victoria
6. Dashing White Sergeant
7. Soor Milk Cairt
8. Wild Colonial Boy
9. Lake Louise
10. Soldier's Dance
11. John MacDonald
12. Old Favourites

Plus Bonus Tracks
The Friendly Waltz
The Russian Ballet
The Full Set Polka
The Orkney Eva Three Step

Format: PAL & NTSC All zones. The DVD is playable worldwide.

Release Year: 2009


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