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Scottish Saltire

The Garioch Fiddlers - Here's A Health (CD)

The Garioch Fiddlers - Here's A Health (CD)

Ref: DRCD1050

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5019197105028

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Price: 11.59

Availability: IN STOCK

Just the thing to play full blast driving up the A9, with all the windows open! Massed fiddles, solo fiddles, wonderful old tunes, great sets to hurl along to, polkas for the kids to bounce about to, plenty of piano bass to tap your foot to… Watch out for that caravaaa…aa…a…!

1. Gadie Rins
2. Liberty Bell
3. Edgefauld House
4. Blairdaff Kirk
5. Wanderin Willie
6. Bert's Highland Polka
7. Sheila Margaret's Waltz
8. The 10th Battalion HLI Crossing The Rhyne
9. The Second Star Hornpipe
10. The Gadie Water
11. The Border Polka
12. Melrose Bound With The Garioch Fiddlers
13. Twixt Don And Dee
14. The New Irish Barn Dance
15. Maxwell's Rant
16. The Coleburn
17. Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban
18. Paul Anderson's Hornpipe
19. The Red River Valley
20. Manda
21. The Dunecht Loon
22. Here's A Health

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