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The Paul McKenna Band - Elements [CD]

The Paul McKenna Band - Elements [CD]

Ref: CDTRAX373

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5018081037322

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Price: 11.65


Elements is the 3rd Paul McKenna album released by Greentrax Recordings since the band's formation in 2006. Paul McKenna picked up 'Best Up & Coming Artist of 2009' at the MG Alba Scots Trad Awards on the release of their 1st Album 'Between Two Worlds'.

Their arrangements are fresh & innovative but do not stray too far from their traditional roots. Their sound is exciting and is created by the solid lead vocals and guitar of Paul McKenna, the driving bouzouki and mandolin of David McNee, the rhythmic fiddle and banjo of Mike Vass and the melodic flute and whistles of Sean Gray plus the explosive beat of Ewan Baird's bodhran.

1. Lonely Man
2. Mickey Dam
3. Indiana
4. Ruins By The Shore
5. Flying Through Flanders
6. Mother Nature
7. Michael Hayes
8. Cold Missouri Waters
9. Take Your Time
10. No Ash Will Burn - Live

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