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The Glendale Scottish Dance Band - Scotland's Fancy [CD]

The Glendale Scottish Dance Band - Scotland's Fancy [CD]

Ref: BRHCD74

Format: CD


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An album of fine Scottish music from the 1960s digitally enhanced for CD. Featuring dance tracks, a fiddle solo from band leader Bill Douglas and an accordion solo from Peter Thomson.

1. The Cumberland Reel: Original - Kenmure's On and Awa'
2. Strathspey:Sidlaw Hills - McKenzie Hay- Castles In the Air.
3. Balkan Hill: Original - The Conundrum
4. Scottish Waltz: Auld Scots Songs - Back to Bonnie Scotland
5. Polka - Accordion Solo: Woodland Flower
6. The Highlander's Jig: Atholl Highlanders - Rakes of Kildare - Teviot Brig
7. The Dashing White Sergeant: Original - Claverhouse Reel - Soldier's Joy
8. Scottish Waltz: Wind On the Heath - Piper's Weired - Mrs.Elder
9. Gay Gordons: Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie - Woods o' Stirkoe - 51st Highland Division
10. Slow Air - Violin Solo: The Flower o' the Quern
11. The Flowers o' Edinburgh: Original - Waverley Steps - Gordon's Fancy
12. Harry Lauder Medley: Roamin' in the Gloamin' - I Love A Lassie - Stop Your Ticklin' Jock - A Wee Deoch an Dorus

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