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The Flooers O' The Forest - Songs And Music Of Flodden [CDx2]

The Flooers O' The Forest - Songs And Music Of Flodden [CDx2]

Ref: CDTRAX1513

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5018081151325

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This is the 500th Anniversary of The Battle of Flodden when an English Army crushed a Scottish Army. This was slaughter, on both sides, on a terrible scale. The album (2 x CDs at single CD price) is dedicated to the memory of all those who fell on the bloody battlefield in September, 1513.

CD 1

1. Flooers o’ The Forest (Dick Gaughan)
2. Ettrick (Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers)
3. Flodden’s Green Loaning (Celticburn)
4. Lord Yester – (Lau vs Karine Polwart)
5. Flodden Field (Steve McDonald)
6. The Flodden Ride (Rob Bell)
7. Flodden Field – Child Ballad 168 (The Owel Service and Alison O’Donnell)
8. The Bonnie Banner Blue (Children of Drumlanrig and St Cuthberts Primary School Hawick)
9. The Recruiting Service Drum/Sons of Heroes (McCalman, Quigg & Bayne)
10. Sorrowlessfield (Karine Polwart)
11. Auld Selkirk (Gary Cleghorn)
12. The Wail of Flodden (Scocha)
13. Soutars o’ Selkirk/The Deid Cat (Drinkers’ Drouth with Davy Steele)
14. The Ears of The Wolf (Robin Laing)
15. The Flooers o’ The Forest – Inst. (Gary West)

CD 2

1. Flodden Hill (Iain Anderson)
2. The Tale of Richard Lawson (John Shedden)
3. The Warning to The King at Linlithgow (Iain Anderson)
4. The Flodden Dead Mass (John Shedden)
5. Edinburgh After Flodden (John Shedden)
6. Flodden (Iain Anderson)
7. Flodden (Marmion)/Flooers o’ The Forest (Alastair McDonald)

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