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Solas - Shamrock City [CD]

Solas - Shamrock City [CD]

Ref: THL001

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 8845018424880

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The Story of Michael Conway and the remarkable history of Butte, MT Combine to form the backbone of Shamrock City. Conway arrived there from Ireland in 1910 to work in the copper mines. Shamrock City is the story of the Butte he may of experienced.

They were mining for copper, yet perseverance and dignity were perhaps the most precious commodities to ever come from the Richest Hill on Earth. We each have a story to tell, and many of these stories began a long way from the places we now call home...

1. Intro
2. Far Americay
3. Tap 'Er Light
4. Tell God And The Devil
5. Michael Conway
6. Girls On The Line
7. My Fancy
8. Lay Your Money Down
9. Columbia Gardens
10. Arbor Day (Featuring Aoife O' Donovan)
11. Welcome The Unknown
12. And Now, A Banjo Moment
13. High, Wide And Handsome (The Wagoner / Twenty Eighth of January
14. Labour Song (Featuring Dick Gaughan)
15. Am I Born To Die
16. No Forgotten Man

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