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Simon Chadwick - Tarbh [CD]

Simon Chadwick - Tarbh [CD]

Ref: EGH3

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0887516940668

Shipping Weight: 0.11 Kg
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Price: 12.60


Tarbh presents five large-scale compositions attributed to Raghnall Mac Ailein Oig. This grandly architectural music, taken from traditional bagpipe, fiddle and vocal settings, is here presented in new adaptions for solo clarsach.

1. An Tarbh Breac Dearg (The Red Speckled Bull)
2. A' Ghlas Mheur (The Finger Lock)
3. Beinn Eadarrainn The Headless Body)
4. Maol Donn MacCrimmon's Sweetheart)
5. A' Bhoilich (The Vaunting

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