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Shetland Music

Shetland Fiddle Music (Scottish Tradition Series Vol 4) (CD)

Shetland Fiddle Music (Scottish Tradition Series Vol 4) (CD)

Ref: CDTRAX9004

Recordings illustrating not only the distinctive arts of the older fiddlers, but also the way the tradition is moving. Featuring Bobby Jamieson, Andrew Polson, Gibbie Gray, Tom Anderson, George Sutherland, Bobby Peterson, William Hunter, etc.. .

1. Willy B.Henderson & Bobby Jamieson: Soldier's Joy - Deil Among the Tailors
2. Andrew Polson: Walking Ower da River - Grieg's Pipes
3. Andrew Polson: Black Jock - Unnamed - Ladies Brest-Knots
4. Gibby Gray: More Grog Coming - The Lass That Made the Bed For Me - Da Teif Upon da Lum
5. Tom Anderson: Auld Swarra
6. Lell Robertson: The Shaalds o'Foula - Tilly Pump
7. George Sutherland: Da Flooers o'Edinburgh - Soldier's Joy - East Neuk of Fife
8. Bobby Peterson: Wullafjord - Kail & Knockit Corn - MacDonald's Reel - Cabister Head
9. Jimmy Johnston: Auchdon House
10. Henry Thomson: Put Hame da Borraed Claes - Jeannie Choke da Bairn - Oot B'aist da Vong
11. William Hunter Snr.: Sillocks & Tatties - Sleep Sond In da Morning
12. William Hunter Jnr.: Leaving Lerwick Harbour - The Left-Handed Tushkar - Miss Susan Cooper
13. Cullivoe Fiddle Band: Da Heids o'Vigon - Oot an' In da Harbour - Sleep Sound In da Morning = Speed da Plough - Square da Mizzen

Price: 11.59

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