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Scottish Saltire

Solo Artistes, Groups and Bands

LISTING YOUR CD, DVD or BOOK ON www.MusicInScotland.com

Set your own selling price
Sell CDs/DVDs/Books for any price you want. We keep 35% of the selling price and you get the rest. Examples: Sell for £9.99, you get £6.49; Sell for £10.99, you get £7.14. The selling price you set should be no greater than the price you are selling them elsewhere, other than your own website!

Leave the logistical details to us
We handle all the storage, payment transactions, shipping, fulfilment, and customer service so you can concentrate on the music.

Getting Paid
Subject to a minimum pay point of (£20.00), we'll automatically send you a request to invoice. Once the invoice is received we'll send funds via direct deposit, cheque or Paypal. Payment point is twice per year, normally January and June. Any unsold CDs can be returned to the artiste at any time (return postage to be paid by artiste).

Listing Fee
There is a one-time listing fee per CD/DVD/Book to list the item(s) for sale on www.MusicInScotland.com. For a limited period the one-time charge per CD/DVD/Book is only £7.99 (Normally £12.99).

How Many CDs/DVDs/Books should I send?
You should send only a small quantity of products (10 or 20) along within the one-off listing fee (above). We recommend a small quantity of CDs/DVDs/Books to start with. We will monitor sales and if we require more we will ask you to send further items. We require one promotional copy which we would use to take information for our website and then retain in our library. This Promotional copy will not be sold and there will be no payment for it. Any unsold CDs can be returned to the artiste at any time (return postage to be paid by artiste).

Note: All items must be individually wrapped in cellophane and please ensure the items are well packaged to avoid breakage. Any items delivered which are considered substandard will be rejected.

Music In Scotland
Emma Terrace
PH10 6JA
(Please remember to include one promotional copy)


We are continually updating the store with new information about artists and their CDs. We try our very hardest to provide customers with as much accurate information as possible about the products.

If you are the artist and you have corrections or more information on any product listed, please send us an email. We would be happy to include up to date biographies, press reviews, etc.


We can provide you with links which will take browers on your site directly to your products on our site. This could enable visitors to your site and potential buyers to purchase on-line from a trusted store.

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