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Scott Murray - Evenin's Fa' [CD]

Scott Murray - Evenin's Fa' [CD]


Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 880992147873

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Evenin's Fa' is the debut solo album from accomplished Scottish singer/songwriter Scott Murray, best known as a member of the folk group Sangsters. The album contains 13 songs, all written by the man himself. There's humour, there's pathos, and there's a story behind each song. There are three old texts given a tune, there's one old air given words, and a new waltz by Jenny Gardner with words put to it by Scott. Backed by over twenty years of experience, this album is a worthy addition to an already impressive body of work by a man who remains a prominent figure in the Scottish traditional music scene.

In the words of folk giant Ian McCalman:
"If you expect an album full of auto-tuned technical trickery then you'll be disappointed. What you get is a genuine heartfelt performance on every song; original, wistful and tasteful renditions from that big, old voice which has done so much for the Scottish tradition. Great songs. Great album. Scott doesn't just sing, he resonates. A voice in a million."

1. Cartwheel
2. Clarabad Mill
3. A Dyker's Compliments
4. February
5. Gathersnaw Hill
6. Mary's Song
7. To Role Her In My Plaidie
8. Kings and Pipers
9. I Thought I Had No Voice
10. She's Hoy'd Me Out O Lauderdale
11. A Small Place In Assynt
12. Maggie's Song
13. We'll Follow The Music

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