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Ross-shire Music

Octopus Soup: Live Sessions At The Novar Arms Hotel (CDx2)

Octopus Soup: Live Sessions At The Novar Arms Hotel (CDx2)

Ref: URCD26500

Double album in celebration of the talented musicians to come out of Ross-shire. Including the Pagan Poets, Mike & Melanie Simpson, Alpha Munro, Iain MacBeath, Dagger Gordon, Andy Thorburn, Sofie Jonsson, Danny Cragg, Mandy Darling, Alan Gordonson, Davy Roy, Paddy McGee, Graham MacMillan, Fraser Goodall and Claire Sutherland. Instrumental tracks, songs, jokes and banter. 2 CDs for the price of 1.

1. The Blackberry Set
2. The Storm
3. Everybody's Making It Big
4. Lexie Macashill
5. Shenandoah
6. Zippo Stealing Gun Breaker
7. The Conundrum Set
8. The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
9. Wot I've Got
10. Arthur Goes On The Prowl
11. The Rough Reel
12. People In The Middle
13. Fishermans Blues
14. Reconciliation
15. Wild Mountain Thyme
16. Islay Ranters Set
17. Pea Broth And Irish Stew
18. Wee Murdi Set
19. Maid Of The County Down
20. Mr Jones
21. The Greening
22. Ashokan Farewell 2
3. Square Reel Set
24. Mandy's Set
25. Cearcal A Chuain
26. I Don't Think Enough
27. The Deportee
28. Be Thankful
29. Goodnight Irene
30. Craic.

Price: 11.59

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