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Scottish Saltire

Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw - Scottish Dances Volume 13 (CD)

Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw - Scottish Dances Volume 13 (CD)

Ref: HRMCD513

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642051322

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Another addition to the Scottish Country dance collection issued by Highlander Music. Fifteen full-length dances - reels, jigs and strathspeys - played by the superbly enthusiastic Robert Whitehead and the Danelaw Dance Band. Two accordions, drums, keyboard and fiddle make an excellent sound, with plenty of stylish arrangements of tunes old and new.

1. Red House (R 8 x 40)
Red House
Lady McKenzie Of Coul
Mrs Mary Printy (I. MacPhail)
Miss Elizabeth Purcell's Favourite (I. MacPhail)

2. The Linton Ploughman (J 8 x 32)
The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre
Julia McMahon
Humours Of Glendart
Willie Tait

3. The Sleeping Warrior 2 chords (S 4 x 32)
Highland Cradle Song (J. Scott Skinner)
Will Ye No Come Back Again
Mrs Elizabeth Hunter (A. Hunter)
Mrs Joan Russell (N. McLaren)

4. Dundee Reel (J 8 x 40)
Bonnie Dundee
Christie McLeod (J. Johnstone)
The Drunken Parson
The Corner House Jig (A. Rankine)

5. La Russe (R 4 x 64)
La Russe
The Sands Of Burrafirth (I. Burns)
George Work (L. Ross)
Ellen Brook (I. Powrie)

6. Margaret Parker's Strathspey (S 8 x 32)
Prince Albert's Strathspey
MacKenzie Hay (J. Scott Skinner)
Milladen (J. Scott Skinner)
Tulchan Lodge (J. Scott Skinner)
Miller O' Dervil (T. Barnett)
The Laird O' Drumblair (J. Scott Skinner)
Stirling Castle

7. Lord MacLay's Reel (R 4 x 40)
Lord MacLay's Reel (D.J. Fyfe)
The Borestone (J. Johnstone)
The Carse O' Gowrie (J. Johnstone)
Collie's Reel (J. Johnstone)

8. Holyrood House (J 4 x 48)
Holyrood House
Sandy Todd's Half Century (G. Pattullo)
The Nortel Jig (G. Pattullo)
I Lost My Love

9. The Byron Strathspey (S 3 x 32)
The Byron Strathspey (Rankine)
When The King Comes Ower The Water

10. The Haunt Of The Gnomes (S 1 x 64)
The Haunt Of The Gnomes (J. Scott Skinner)
Les Trois Grande Luthiers (J. Scott Skinner)

11. John Of Bon Accord (R 8 x 32)
John Of Bon Accord (G. Meikle)
Jackie Colman's Reel
Ian's Fancy (F. Reid)
Moving Cloud

12. The Earl Of Errol's Reel (J 1 x 200)
Mrs McMillan's Quadrille (C. Grant)
Miss Maria Stewart's Jig (J. Pringle)
I Lo'e Nae A Laddie But Ane
Captain White

13. Craigellachie Bridge (S 4 x 32)
The Beauty Of The North
Brinkworth (W. Lawrie)
Culzean Castle (D. Ross)
Mrs Rae Wallace (J. Johnstone)

14. Maureen's Jig (J 8 x 32)
Maureen's Jig (F. MacDonald)
The Jaz Jig (D. Sturgeon)
Simon Thoumire's Jig (J. McCusker)
Ivor Scollay Of Burravoe (W. Hunter)

15. A Toast To St Andrews 2 chords (R 4 x 48)
Sword Of Collumcille
Miss Mary Douglas
Menstrie Castle (A. Rankine)
Kathleen's Reel (A. Rankine)

Robert Whitehead - Accordion
Graeme Whitehead - 2nd Accordion
Roddy Mathews - Fiddle
Annie Rutherford - Keyboard
David Ashbridge - Drums

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