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Reel Of Seven - Dance For Joy Encore [CD]

Reel Of Seven - Dance For Joy Encore [CD]

Ref: IMB08

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0884501727280

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Price: 11.65

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More great dance music from the fiddle-powerhouse of Reel Of Seven. Four fiddles, cello, recorder, piano and percussion provide a distinctive style for a dozen full-length country dances and two waltzes.

1. Ladies' Fancy
2. Swiss Lassie
3. Glasgow Highlanders
4. Scott Meikle
5. Waltz For Atsuko And Bill
6. Machine Without Horses
7. Montgomeries' Rant
8. Abbott Of Unreason
9. Lady Susan Stewart's Reel
10. Braes Of Breadalbane
11. Bauldy Bain's Fiddle
12. Carolyn's Waltz
13. Chequered Court
14. Deil Amang The Tailors

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