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Rachel Hair - Claasagh Volume 1 [Book]

Rachel Hair - Claasagh Volume 1 [Book]

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Format: Book


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A new Manx harp book has been produced by professional Celtic harpist Rachel Hair. Claasagh, which is Manx Gaelic for harp, is a collection of 20 traditional tunes, arranged by Rachel for her students in the Isle of Man.

Rachel’s beautiful arrangements in Claasagh volume 1 range from elementary to advanced level, with well-known easier favourites such as 'Smuggler’s Lullaby' to a jazzy interpretation of 'Car ny Ferrishyn', and so the book is a useful to addition to any harpist’s repertoire and a great introduction to the rich tradition of Manx music.

1. Arrane Ben Drogh Hraghtalagh
2. Hie Mee Stiagh
3. Illiam Boght
4. Juan y Jaggad Keeir
5. Chanter’s Tune
6. Hop-tu-naa
7. Arrane Ben-Vlieaun
8. Eunyssagh Vona
9. Wandescope
10. Moirrey ny Cainle
11. Arrane y Chlean
12. Gyn Ennym
13. Mylecharaine’s March
14. Girls of Balladoole
15. Ta Cashen
16. Kirree fo Niaghtey
17. Car Juan Nan
18. Cum yn Shenn Oanrey Cheh
19. Car ny Ferrishyn
20. Graih Foalsey

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