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Phil MacLennan Smillie - Sound Of Taransay [CD]

Phil MacLennan Smillie - Sound Of Taransay [CD]

Ref: HRCD106

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 880992144087

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Sound of Taransay is an exquisite collection of some of the most melodic tunes you will hear in many years. It is an irresistible combination of tuneful composing, skilled arrangement, incredibly talented musicians, and many years of experience in the joy of making music.

1. Finavon Castle (Finlay MacLennan Smillie of Finavon Castle, Braes of Castle Grant, Ruileadh Cailleach, 'heatadh Cailleach)
2. Captain Kim Frizzell (Savannah waltz, Captain Kim Frizzell)
3. Sound Of Taransay
4. West Of Rockall (Captain Craig Brown, West of Rockall)
5. Reel For Ruairidh (The Golden Road, Reel for Ruairidh)
6. West Coast Airs (Aignish, Oran Na Cair-Ora, The Mermaid Song)
7. Old Pier Road (Ca Beleno, The Bell Rock, Old Pier Road)
8. The North Shore
9. Magor John MacLennan (Major John MacLennan Gordon Highlanders, Jessie Smith, Domhnall Dubh)
10. Megan's Wedding (Strath March, Megan's Wedding)

Aaron Jones (Bouzouki / Guizouki / Bass)
Russel Hunter (Piano)
Dougie MacLean (Fiddle)
Gary Innes (Accordion)
Ross Ainsley (Highland Bagpipes)
Fred Morrison (Uilleann Pipes)
Charlie McKerron (Fiddle)
Dougie McCance (Border Pipes)
Hugh 'Shuggie' MacCallum (Percussion)
John Martin (Fiddle)
Patsy Sneddon (Harp)
Stuart Morrison (Fiddle)
Kenny Forsyth (Highland Bagpipes)

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