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Peter Bellamy - Barrack Room Ballads Of Rudyard Kipling [CDx2]

Peter Bellamy - Barrack Room Ballads Of Rudyard Kipling [CDx2]

Ref: FECD253

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5017116025327

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Price: 11.65


Peter had a theory that Rudyard Kipling was influenced by English Folk Songs. To that end Peter set about giving Kipling's poems tunes. Barrack Room Ballads was his third such album and the one which became the most sought after. Here with extra tracks from the album Soldiers Three, and more.

1. Tommy
2. Soldier, Soldier
3. Mandalay
4. Troopin'
5. Cells
6. Danny Deever
7. Bill 'Awkins
8. Shillin' A Day
9. Loot
10. The Widow At Windsor
11. The Widow's Party
12. Gunga Din
13. Ford O' Kabul River
14. Follow Me 'Ome
15. Young British Soldier
16. The Baynit And The Butt
17. That Day
18. Private Otheris' Song
19. Cholera Camp
20. The Ladies
21. Gentlemen Rankers
22. Route Marching
23. Back To The Army Again
24. Bill 'Awkins (Alternative Version)

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