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Scottish Saltire

Pete Clark

Pete Clark CDs & Books

Selection of Pete Clark CDs. Click on the links for more information on each CD.

Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

Pete Clark & Muriel Johnstone - Niel Gow's Fiddle (CD)

Ref: INVER229

Niel Gow's Fiddle expertly played by Pete Clark with accompaniment from Muriel Johnstone on Piano. Pete plays some solo tracks and other tracks feature Pete and Muriel. The sleevenotes provide a history of Niel Gow's fiddle thought to be made by Italian luthier Gasparo da Salo and once owned by Niel Gow.

".......Here he (Pete) plays a fiddle that genuinely once belonged to his hero and if it’s not too fanciful to say this, these recordings are probably as close as we’re likely to get to being in the great man’s presence." - Rob Adams for the Glasgow Herald Full album review here

1. Tullochgorum (Trad.) + Poem "To Mr Gow Visiting Dumfries" (Burns) 2'55
2. Loch Errochside (Niel Gow & his second wife) / The Earl of Morton's Jig (Wm. Gow) / Miss Stewart of Grandtully Strathspey & Reel (Niel Gow) 4'57
3. Coilsfield House (Nathaniel Gow) 3'11
4. The Duchess of Atholl (Niel Gow) 1'38
5. Farewell to Whisky / Welcome Whisky Back Again / Highland Whisky (Niel Gow) 3'27
6. Mrs Macdougall-Grant (Nathaniel Gow) / Mrs Donaldson (Niel Gow) / Orchill Graham (Niel Gow) 4'05
7. Sir George Clerk of Pennicuik (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Nathaniel Gow) / Lady Charlotte Campbell (Robert Mackintosh) 4'23
8. Watson's Class (Niel Gow) 2'23
9. Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Niel Gow) 2'21
10. Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (Nathaniel Gow) / Lament for James Moray of Abercairney (Niel Gow) 4'41
11. Lady Cunningham of Livingstone (Nathaniel Gow) 1'23
12. Lament of Flora MacDonald (Neil Gow Jnr) 3'11
13. General Lord Glenlyon's March & Quickstep (John Crerar) 3'12
14. Banks of Garry / The Big Boat of Inver / Merry Lads of Inver / Inver Lasses (John Crerar) 3'07
15. Nathaniel Gow's Lament for His Brother (Nathaniel Gow) 2'01
16. Dungarthill / Jamie Wood / Birkenburn (James Macintosh) 3'25
17. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Brother Donald (Niel Gow) 2'02
18. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife (Niel Gow) 4'19

Price: 11.99

Pete Clark & Ron Shaw - Jig Of Chance (CD)

Pete Clark & Ron Shaw - Jig Of Chance (CD)

Ref: INVER228

Music old and new in the Scottish tradition. Performing in some wonderful acoustic locations provided the inspiration for this album, and Pete Clark (Fiddle & Viola) & Ron Shaw (Cello) have endeavoured to achieve the same natural sound in this recording. Their repertoire is diverse, ranging from very old Gaelic melodies to new compositions, and includes music be some of the big names in Scots fiddle history - Niel Gow, Nathaniel Gow, Robert Mackintosh, William Marshal, Peter Milne and James Scott Skinner. Darkness and light, sorrow and celebration, this music has it all.

1. Jig of Chance / Angler's Reel
2. An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nighean Donn
3. Smeorach Chlainn Domhnuill (The Minstrel of the MacDonalds) / Prionns Tearlach (Prince Charlie) / Mairi bheadarach (Dawted Mary)
4. Lon Dhu Gholaidh / The Song of the Cats
5. Dunkeld Hermitage Bridge / The Duke of Gordon's Favourite / Mr Robertson of Lude's
6. Forneth House
7. Craigiebarns / The New Mill of Logierait / Amulree / Inver Lasses
8. Miss Begg
9. Sir George Clerk of Pennycuick / Lady Catherine Pelham / Miss Douglas Moncrieff
10. Huntly Lodge / The Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey / Miss Hannah of Elgin / Craigellachie Lasses
11. J O Forbes of Corse
12. Thomas & Kate of Murthly Castle / Jim & Linda of Niel Gow Cottage / James & Jill of Little Cottage
13. Miss Laura Andrew / Davie Taylor / The Auld Wheel
14. The Tobermory Tarpon / Batter on the Box / The Manx Mullet / Jim's Double Crown
15. Da Trowie Burn / D Peerie Hoose under Da Hill / Sillocks & Tatties / Tame Her When da Snaw Comes

Price: 12.49

Pete Clark & Gregor Lowrey - Caught & Released (CD)

Pete Clark & Gregor Lowrey - Caught & Released (CD)

Ref: INVER227

'Caught & Released' is the name of the new recording spawned (no pun intended) by Pete Clark & Gregor Lowrey's annual Troot Tour, a musical fishing adventure in the far north of Scotland. Released in June 2012, the album showcases this fiddle and accordion duo in sparkling form. The tracks reflect the eclectic nature of their repertoire and range from heartfelt slow airs to helter-skelter reels! Whether a fisherman or not, this music will have you hooked! Catch one from musicinscotland!

1. Marnoch's (A strathspey and three reels)
2. Donald's (A strathspey, two jigs and a reel)
3. Sarah (Waltz)
4. Skinner March Strathspey and Reel
5. The Dean Brig/Banks/Mme Neruda
6. Whisky & Beer (A medley of tunes by Niel Gow and Gordon Duncan)
7. Gordy's (A medley of Gordon Duncan tunes)
8. MacCzardas (with a Scottish twist!)
9. Midnight Waltz
10. Bruce Sandison's
11. Pennan Den
12. Cubanola (Rumba)
13. Tarskavaig Sunset (Slow ir and a couple of reels)
14. Gaelic Waltzes

Pete Clark: Fiddle
Gregor Lowrey: Accordion

Guest Musicians:

Jamie Jauncey: Keyboard
Stevie Gillies: Guitar
Colin Stephen: 'cello /Double Bass

Price: 12.49

Pete Clark - Now & Then (Fiddle Music from Scotland) (CD)

Pete Clark - Now & Then (Fiddle Music from Scotland) (CD)

Ref: INVER226

"Now & Then" a wonderful new collection from Pete Clark, featuring some of his own compositions alongside a few gems from those of the great Scottish fiddler composers, Niel Gow, Willam Marshall and James Scott Skinner.

Anyone whose preference is for slow airs will love this album.

Pete Clark - Fiddle & Viola
Pete Caban - Guitar
Aaron Jones - Bouzouki & Fretless Bass
Jim Leighton - Piano
Gregor Lowrey - Accordion
Dougie MacLean - Didgeridoo
Jamie MacLean - Fretless Bass
Bob Turner - Piano
Wendy Weatherby - Cello

1. Lament (for Andrew & Danny)
2. Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Niel Gow)
3. Mrs Irene Matheson / The Lassie wi' the Bonnie Red Hair
4. Maxine Moy of Middleton
5. Farewell to the Piper
6. Neil MacVarish of Bracara / Nigel Stewart's Return to Giffen
7. Mrs Major L. Stewart of the Island of Java (Wm. Marshall)
8. Theresa MacVarish
9. Professor Blackie (J.S.Skinner)
10. Alec Barbour of Bonskeid / Mike's Strathspey / Whoopers on the Water / Karen & Kevin of Coquitlam
11. The Weeping Birches of Kilmorack (J.S.Skinner)
12. Thomson Island / The Lady of Riemore
13. Bovaglie's Plaid (J.S.Skinner)
14. Voice on the Airwaves / Ian Charles Hodgson of Balmore
15. The Editor's Hornpipe / Sandy and the Sandpiper
16. Kinnordy
17. The Slippery Slope / Wullie's Wopper / Tam the Bam

Price: 12.49

Pete Clark - Fiddle Case (CD)

Pete Clark - Fiddle Case (CD)

Ref: SMD608

Pete Clark has been a well-respected musician in the Scots music scene for many years. He has performed and recorded with popular traditional bands. He is in great demand as a session musician and plays with the Benachally Ceilidh Band; he is an accomplished fiddle teacher and was a member of the Perth Youth Orchestra.

1. The Strathgarry Set
2. Neil Gow's Lament For His Second Wife
3. James Mackintosh Set
4. Midnight Waltz
5. Harry Grant Of Saline, Da Auld Restin' Chair
6. Dumfries House Set
7. Maura Leahy's Waltz
8. The Quiet Hills, President Gorbachev's Hornpipe
9. The Maple's Lament
10. Fair Doos
11. Michael Og
12. The New Road Set
13. Nona's Waltz, Sarah Lindsay's Waltz
14. Autumn Leaves.

Price: 11.59

A Highland Journey Volume 2 (Celtic Collections Vol 14) (CD)

A Highland Journey Volume 2 (Celtic Collections Vol 14) (CD)

Ref: CDGMP8014

'A Highland Journey in Music From Scotland' (CDGMP8008), released in 2005, is the most successful album in the 'Celtic Collections Series' and one of the best sellers in the Greentrax label.

This second musical tour of the beautiful Scottish Highlands, including actual environmental sounds of the glens, lochs, mountains and the Great Forrect of Caledon, is a very welcome and long awaited addition to the 'Celtic Collections Series'.

On this CD you will find ancient airs and dance tunes from all over the uniquely beautiful Highlands of Scotland, played by superb musicians steeped in the musicof Caledonia. The lead you on a journey from Perthshire, the gateway to the Highlands, up through Cairngorm and Speyside, to Loch Ness and Kintail, and by the Sound of Sleat over to Skye, and other wonderful islands of the Hebrides.

The musicians are Jack Evans (Producer), Pete Clark and Marc Duff who play a wide variety of instruments including guitars, fiddle, various whistles and a lot more. Jack was a member of several Scottish folk bands and currently teaches at Plocton School of Excellence. Pete was a member of Heritage and a number of solo fiddle albums to his credit, plus he teaches fiddle. Mas is an ex-member of Capercaillie , has played in many other groups and is in huge demand as a session musician.

1. The Highlands Of Scotland; Music In The Glen
2. Perthshire; Kenmore
3. Glen Lyon
4. The Lass Of Glenshee; Lochnagar; Cairngorm
5. The Source Of The Spey Set; The North Side Of The Spey; The Banks Of The Spey
6. The Highland Chieftain; Bonny Highland Hills
7. Culloden
8. Glenmoriston; Loch Ness; Kintail
9. The Forest Where The Deer Resort
10. Torridon; Glenelg; The Sound Of Sleat
11. Old Skye Air; The Fairy Glen; The Misty Isle Of Skye
12. The Mountains Of Jura; The Maid Of Islay; The Sound Of Mull
13. The Caledonian March; Music In The Glen

Price: 6.79

Pete Clark - The Dunkeld Bridge Collection Vol 1 (Spiral-Bound)

Pete Clark - The Dunkeld Bridge Collection Vol 1 (Spiral-Bound)

Ref: 9790900235305

This beautiful book of tunes, stories, paintings and photos is largely as a response to repeated requests by many of Pete Clark's pupils and fans. The majority of the tunes in the Dunkeld Bridge collection are written by Pete but he also includes some Perthshire tunes by the likes of Niel Gow, Robert Petrie, James MacIntosh and others.

Pete has provided some background for each tune along with photographs, drawings and paintings (by Pete who is also a fine artist). Pete says "knowledge of the background of a piece of music can influence how it is interpreted by the performer."


Harry Grant of Saline
Memories of Ira Zepp
Theresa MacVarish of Bracara
Lady of Riemore, The
Coilsfield House
Quiet Hills, The
Lament for Andrew & Danny
Nearly Normal
Duncan Crawford of Brenchoillie
Major Graham of Inchbrakie
To Mr. Gow, Visiting Dumfries
Perthshire Air, A
Forneth House
Maxine Moy of Middleton
Farewell to the Piper
Man of the Woods
Voice on the Airwaves
Kathy's Tune
Miss Wyomia Anne Murray Lindsay


Darjeeling Roads, The
Miss Carol Syme's Strathspey
Suki Urquhart's Strathspey
John Craven's Visit to the Hermitage
New Mill at Logierait, The
Ally's Shrimp
Lochaber Fiddler, The (Aonghas Grant)
Andy Pritchard's Rusty Nail
Duggie the Diver
Ian Charles Hodgson of Balmore
Donald Innes of Glendeuglie
Bob & Doreen McKerron
Lord & Lady Hope's Ruby Wedding
Bob of Dowally, The
Farewell to Tullichettle
Lyn & Murray's Wedding
Thomas & Kate of Murthly Castle
Lionel McClelland
Craw, The
Fingask Castle
Henrietta Fergusson's Strathspey
Jim & Linda Lyon of Niel Gow Cottage
High Flyer, The
Craigie Barns


Dunkeld Bridge
Driving to Dunkeld
Dog Under the Table, The
Reeling in Darjeeling
Major Molle
Mrs. Dundas of Arniston
Inchewan Burn, The
Sophie's Reel
Lucey's Tune
Boyd's Reel
Tobermory Tarpon
Indiana Harris
Maryfield Sparrows, The
Thaw, The
Taybank Fiddlers, The
Batter on the Box
Kincladie Wood
Dalguise Hall


Colin's Crossing
Wullie's Whopper
Jim's Double Crown
Dipper, The
Jerry's Jig
River Braan, The
Dunter's Nicht Oot
Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's Favourite Reel
Hooper's Trip to Venus
Boyd's Jig
Molly's Mince Round
Dougie Disnae
Tulliemet Burn, The
Otter's Stone, The
Aurea & Patricks' Wedding
Ghillie, The
Stool of Repentance, The
Sandy Webster's
Deuchary, The
New Road, The
Manx Mullet, The
Old Forge, The
Slippery Slope, The
Marquis of Tullibardine, The


Aonghas & Moira Grant of Lochyside
Nona's Waltz
Thompson Island
Waltz for Sam and Finca


Nigel Stewart's Return to Giffen
Patrick Forbes
Neil MacVarish of Bracara
Flora MacDonald’s Lament
Miss Begg
Fungarth Knowes
Sandy and the Sandpiper
Editor's Hornpipe, The
Bruce Sandison's Twostep
Lady Mary Hay's Scotch Measure
Spaghetti Polonaise
Tam the Bam
Birnam Wood

Price: 25.00

Pete Clark

Pete Clark

Pete now lives in Perthshire not far from the birth places of Niel Gow and Robert Mackintosh. The beautiful Perthshire landscape has been the inspiration for many of Pete's compositions to be found on two great Scottish fiddle CDs - The Birnam Oak and Sycamore.

Pete's debut CD 'Fiddle Case' was chosen as one of 1996's albums of the year on BBC Scotland's 'Travelling Folk'. His top selling CD 'Even Now' features the music of Niel Gow whilst 'Mackintosh at Murthly' features the compositions of Robert Mackintosh. His new album 'Now & Then' showcases some of Pete's compositions alongside a few gems from those of the great Scottish fiddle composers, Niel Gow, Willam Marshall and James Scott Skinner.

In addition to his highly successful solo career, Pete has been a member of several notable bands including Heritage and Smeddum and is currently a member of the highly successful Benachally Ceilidh Band and the Niel Gow Ensemble.

Pete Clark website

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