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Scottish Saltire

Pete Clark - Now & Then (Fiddle Music from Scotland) (CD)

Pete Clark - Now & Then (Fiddle Music from Scotland) (CD)

Ref: INVER226

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0880992148825

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Price: 12.49

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"Now & Then" a wonderful new collection from Pete Clark, featuring some of his own compositions alongside a few gems from those of the great Scottish fiddler composers, Niel Gow, Willam Marshall and James Scott Skinner.

Anyone whose preference is for slow airs will love this album.

Pete Clark - Fiddle & Viola
Pete Caban - Guitar
Aaron Jones - Bouzouki & Fretless Bass
Jim Leighton - Piano
Gregor Lowrey - Accordion
Dougie MacLean - Didgeridoo
Jamie MacLean - Fretless Bass
Bob Turner - Piano
Wendy Weatherby - Cello

1. Lament (for Andrew & Danny)
2. Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Niel Gow)
3. Mrs Irene Matheson / The Lassie wi' the Bonnie Red Hair
4. Maxine Moy of Middleton
5. Farewell to the Piper
6. Neil MacVarish of Bracara / Nigel Stewart's Return to Giffen
7. Mrs Major L. Stewart of the Island of Java (Wm. Marshall)
8. Theresa MacVarish
9. Professor Blackie (J.S.Skinner)
10. Alec Barbour of Bonskeid / Mike's Strathspey / Whoopers on the Water / Karen & Kevin of Coquitlam
11. The Weeping Birches of Kilmorack (J.S.Skinner)
12. Thomson Island / The Lady of Riemore
13. Bovaglie's Plaid (J.S.Skinner)
14. Voice on the Airwaves / Ian Charles Hodgson of Balmore
15. The Editor's Hornpipe / Sandy and the Sandpiper
16. Kinnordy
17. The Slippery Slope / Wullie's Wopper / Tam the Bam

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