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Noel McLoughlin - Home Is The Rover [CD]

Noel McLoughlin - Home Is The Rover [CD]

Ref: EUCD2445

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5019396244528

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The long awaited brand new album from Noel McLoughlin, with new Irish and Scottish songs and instrumentals. The songs: Twa Bonnie Maidens, The Old Dungarvan Oak, Roseville Fair, Hornpipes medley, Song of the Fishgutters, Little Brigid Flynn, Dido Bendigo, Dancing at Whitsun, Highland Harry, Jigs medley, John of Dreams.

1. Twa Bonnie Maidens (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin)
2. The Old Dungarvan Oak (Hennessy / Arr. McLoughlin)
3. Roseville Fair (Staines / Arr. McLoughlin)
4. Hornpipes: The Stack of Barley / Love, Will You Marry Me (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin / Costello)
5. Song of the Fishgutters (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin)
6. Little Brigid Flynn (French / Arr. McLoughlin)
7. Dido, Bendigo (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin)
8. Dancing at Whitsun (Marshall / Arr. McLoughlin)
9. Highland Harry (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin)
10. Jigs: Tatter Jack Walsh, Tom Wards, Out on the Ocean (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin / Costello)
11. John of Dreams (Caddick / Arr. McLoughlin)
12. The Flower of France and England O (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin)
13. Fisher Row (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin)
14. I’ll go No More A-roving With You, Fair Maid (Trad. Arr. McLoughlin)

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