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Music from Barra

The Sound Of Barra (CD)

The Sound Of Barra (CD)

Ref: KG002

The sounds of a ceilidh from years ago, from the musical stronghold of Barra. The community gathers, bringing singers of all ages, musicians, soloists and group artistes. Gaelic song, pibroch, clarsach and the thump of the waulked tweed with the pops, hisses and crackles adding atmosphere to the recording.

1. Clarsach Singers - Mo Bhalachan Ban
2. Margaret MacNeil - Soraidh Bhaum
3. Mary MacDonald - Mo Robairneach Gaolach - Hal Ro Hal Rum
4. Quartet - Oran A' Bhall
5. Peigi Buchanan - Loch Na-H Ob
6. Nan MacNeil - A' Bheean Chomuinn
7. Quartet - Domhnull Dubh
8. Duet - Alasdair A' Duin - Thainig An Gille Dubh
9. Mary MacNeil - March Strathspey & Reel
10. Clarsach Singers - Beinn A' Cheataich
11. Nan MacNeil - Allein Duinn
12. Murdoch MacNeil - Northbay Hall March - Murdoch MacNeil of Ardveenish
13. Clarsach Singers - Waulking Songs
14. Mary MacKinnon - Fagall Bharraidh
15. Mary MacNeil - Pibroch of Domhnull Dibh

Price: 11.59

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