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Matt Molloy - Stony Steps [CD]

Matt Molloy - Stony Steps [CD]

Ref: CCF18CD

Format: CD


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Matt Molloy is the best-known traditional flute player in the world. Long before his association with The Chieftains, Matt's reputation was universally acclaimed among his fellow musicians. His playing is instantly recognisable & has been copied by many.

1. Reels; McFadden’s Favourite, Sean Maguires, Jackson’s Favourite.
2. Jigs; The Boy’s of the Town, Jackson Jig, The Connaughtman’s Rambles
3. City of Savannah
4. Reels; Primrose Lass, Mullingar Races, John Stenson’s
5. Air; The Parting of Friends, Slip Jig Reel; Paddy Ryan’s Dream
6. Reels; Stony Steps, Michael Dwyer’s Favourite, Griffin from the Bridge
7. Mrs. Kenny’s Barndance
8. Reels; Paddy Murphy’s Wife, The Gravel Walks, The Musical Priest
9. Jig; Jig of Slurs
10. Air; O’Rathaille’s Grave
11. Reels; Miss McGuiness, Reel of Mullinavat
12. Frank Roche’s Favourite
13. Reels; Johnny ‘Watt’ Henry’s Favourite, Handsome Sally


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