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Scottish Saltire

Marian Anderson's Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Dance Volume 12 (CD)

Marian Anderson's Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Dance Volume 12 (CD)

Ref: HRMCD512

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642051223

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Another sixteen Scottish Country Dances added to the Highlander Music collection, this time from the bright and bouncy Marian and her band. Dances include The Black Bear, Staffin Harvest, Lady In Red, Pulling Bracken… Some old, some new, but all much-requested favourites.

1. Duke of Atholl's Reel - Jig 8x32: The Athole Highlanders - The Jig Runrig - Maureen's Jig - Ness Bothan
2. The Black Dance - Reel 8x32: Original - Miss Judith Peterson - Gordon Jamieson's Compliments to James Leak - Pat's Reel
3. The Dance Illustrator - Strathspey 4x32: Dan Blackwood - Willie Hunter's Compliments to Dan R.MacDonald - Miss Blyth Brewster
4. Round Reel of Eight - Reel 1x88: Mrs.Anderson's Reel - Mike & Jenny Shaw's Ruby Wedding
5. The New Ashludie Rant - Jig 8x32: Original - Peter Rae's Jig - Haste To the Wedding - Jessie's Whip
6. The Queen's Bridge - Reel 4x40: Original - Lady MacKenzie of Coul - Highland Lassie - The Boatie Rows
7. Baldovan Square - Strathspey 3x32: The Laird o'Thrums - The Kirrie Kebbuck - Tulchan Lodge
8. The Rakish Highlandman - Jig 8x40: Original - There Cam' A Young Man - The Farmer's Ingle - Hartigan's Fancy
9. Sunlit Square - Strathspey 1x64: Mr.&Mrs.Little of Castle Douglas - Megan Andante
10. Pulling Bracken - Reel 8x32: Original - The Calgary Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland - Alec Sone's Reel - The Islay Ranter's Reel - Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel
11. Lady In Red - Jig 5x32: The Gentle Shepherd - Isla C.MacLeod - Mary's Practice Scones - Ta Saliba Crossroads - Jane Kerr's Jig
12. Longwise Eightsome Reel - March 32 Strathspey + 32 Reel: Mr.William Davidson - Miss Robertson's Reel
13. Hogmanay Jig - Jig 8x32: Original - Dandy Dancer - Jackie Clarke's Jig - Christie MacLeod
14. Staffin Harvest - Strathspey 4x32: Miss Elizabeth Madg.Fordyce Reel - The Sweetness of Mary - The Braes of Dunvegan - Ladykirk Bridge
15. Father Connelly's Jig - Jig 8x32: Original - The Famous Baravan - Pump It Out - Gaelforce Wind
16. The Mason's Apron - Reel 8x32: Original - Tam's Rocking Fiddle - Davy Ketchin 'The Jazz Piper' - Pedro Robertson

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