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Maeve MacKinnon - Once Upon An Olive Branch [CD]

Maeve MacKinnon - Once Upon An Olive Branch [CD]

Ref: MM02

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0880992148979

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Price: 11.65


For her second solo album Maeve has chosen an eclectic mix of songs, in Gaelic and English, and has even showcased one of her own compositions. A slightly jazzy contemporary accompaniment to some of the songs gives a fresh feel to even the oldest songs.

1. Gilleasbuig
2. Kind Friends And Companions
3. Fionnghuala
4. A' Mhic Dhughaill 'Ic Ruairidh
5. The Olive Branch
6. Sugar Town
7. Horo Iollaraigh
8. She Moved Through The Fair
9. O Phaill
10. The Father's Song

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