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Love & Money - The Devil's Debt [CD]

Love & Money - The Devil's Debt [CD]

Ref: VERTCD096

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5055014600635

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For their first album in 20 years Love & Money have the same great vocals, guitars and strings and the impeccable lyricism of writer James Grant. Some of the songs are re-recordings of unreleased tracks, others are brand new.

James Grant (vocals, guitar), Gordon Wilson (drums), Paul McGeechan (keyboards), Douglas MacIntyre (guitar).
Guests: Ewen Vernal (bass), Monica Queen (vocals), Fraser Spiers (harmonica), Stuart Nisbet (pedal steel), Gwen Stewart (vocals), Louise and Deidre Rutowski (vocals).

1. The Devil's Debt
2. Goodbye Phoebus
3. This Is The Last Time
4. I Never Touched Her
5. Piglet
6. Sin Of Pity
7. Modigliani Baby
8. I'm Just Too Good For You
9. The Desired
10. Amaranth

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