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Legendary Pipers & Pipe Bands Volume 1 [CD]

Legendary Pipers & Pipe Bands Volume 1 [CD]

Ref: BRHCD67

Format: CD


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This collection of vintage recordings features some of the best-known names in the world of piping. All of the solo pipers are now deceased but their music lives on. The Pipe Bands featured are the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders & Edinburgh City Police. There are some imperfections in the recordings but still well worth listening to.

1. Colonel Burney's Farewell To The Gordon Highlanders
2. Lord Alexander Kennedy
3. Kirkhill
4. The Marchioness Of Tullibardine
5. Brose And Butter
6. Lochanside
7. Skye Boat Song
8. The Black Watch Polka
9. Donald MacLean
10. My Home
11. The Stirlingshire Militia
12. The Barren Rocks Of Aden
13. Leaving Glenurquhart
14. Pibroch Of Donald Dubh
15. Loch Monar
16. The Rowan Tree

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