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Kyloe Records

The Quiet Hills: Anthology of Music & Song from Northumbria (CD)

The Quiet Hills: Anthology of Music & Song from Northumbria (CD)

Ref: KYLOE105

Part of a recent series issued to preserve Northumbrian traditions, this CD features local story telling, unaccompanied singing, and pipering, solo and duet. The influences are mainly Northumbrian, but there are tunes from Sweden, Shetland and New Brunswick too. Tremendous regional strengths, plus the astonishing piping and composing talents of 11 year old Alice Burns.

1. Jimmy Allan /The Herd on the Hill /Salmon Tails Up the Water
2. Shingly Beach /Glen Aln Hornpipe
3. The Quiet Hills /The Hullichan
4. Coquet Side
5. The Cott /The Lass on the Strand
6. Ford Moss /Small Coals and Little Money
7. Lament for Ian Dickson
8. Alwinton Show
9. Kitty Tyrell /Miss Forbes' Farewell tae Banff
10. Eilaf and the Cheese
11. The Steamboat /The Green Castle
12. The Keel Row
13. The Canny Shepherd Laddie
14. Summer Waltz /Pockerley Manor /Castle Hornpipe
15. Niel Gow's Lamentation for the Death of His Second Wife
16. Sun Assembly /Sherborne Waltz /Memories of Father Angus McDonnell

Price: 11.59

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