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Joy Dunlop & Twelfth Day - Fiere [CD]

Joy Dunlop & Twelfth Day - Fiere [CD]

Ref: SRM002

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0609728286217

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Fiere is a unique collaboration between Gaelic singer Joy Dunlop and Scottish fiddle and harp duo Twelfth Day exploring the lives, loves and experiences of women in Scotland. Using poems by female Scottish writers, they create a collection of new songs, celebrating the creative output of Scottish women through fresh and Innovative compositions.

They have taken English, Scots and Gaelic poems by fantastic female poets including Jackie Kay, Carol Ann Duffy & Meg Bateman and turned them into songs – a fantastic new experience for all involved

1. Faca sibh Raghnaill no Ailein?
2. Fiere
3. Reothadh
4. Darling
5. Fhir lurach 's fhir aliann
6. Fireworks over Bressay Sound
7. Maid
8. The Lost Licht
9. Two Birds
10. The Light Gatherer
11. Coimhead lad

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