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Scottish Saltire

Jim Lindsay & His SDB - Reel Of The Puffins (CD)

Jim Lindsay & His SDB - Reel Of The Puffins (CD)

Ref: HRMCD020

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642002027

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Superb arrangements and some of the finest musicianship makes this CD an absolute cracker. Jim Lindsay has picked an eclectic mix of tunes and worked his wonders on them.

14 Scottish Country Dances from Jim Lindsay and his Scottish Dance Band

1. Burnieboozle R 8 x 32
Burnieboozle (David Queen), Tam's Rockin' Fiddle (Gordon Shand), Laxo Burn (Arthur Scott Robertson), Stuart & Kenny Thomson (Bobby Frew), The Inside Oot Fish Eater (Peter Wood).

2. Let the Hackles Rise J 4 x 48
Let the Hackles Rise (Andrew Rankine), The Spider's Web (Bill Cook), Davie's Brae (Jim Johnstone), Hoddum House (Trad).

3. Gang The Same Gate S 8 x 32
Mrs. Dazell (N. Gow), Mrs. Charlotte Renton (John Renton), Lady Louisa Cornwallis (William Marshall), James McInnes Esq. (J. Scott Skinner).

4. Summer Wooing R 8 x 32
Miss Brooke (James Scott Skinner), Ruth's Reel (Ruth Lindsay),
The Legacy (Gordon Patullo), Santa Monica Bay (Jack Rennie), Miss Jane of Violetbank (Max Houliston), The Morayshire Reel (Paul Machlis).

5. Marigold J 8 x 40
Bel Fiore (P. Frosini), Horn Concerto (Mozart), Finiculi Finicula (Luigi Denza), The Mexican Hat Dance (J G Rubio).

6. Bruce's Men S 3 x 32
Bruce's Men (Muriel Johnstone), Mr. Jack Bishop (Nancy Davis), Brighills (Michael Philip).

7. The Highland Rambler R 8 x 40
John Illingworth (Muriel Johnstone), Wrigley's Reel (Jerry Holland), Smithy's Black Beauty (Gordon Shand), The Glasgow Reel.

8. Mrs. Stewarts Jig J 8 x 32
Captain Charles Stewart's Jig (Malcolm MacDonald), The Earl of Morton's Jig (William Gow), Harvest Time (Trad), Sir Torquil Munro (Adam Rennie), Cavehill (Trad).

9. Sean Triubhas Willichan S 8 x 32
My Dearie (James Johnstone), Corn Rigs (Trad), O' A' The Airts (Trad), John Anderson My Jo (Trad), Ay Wakin' O (Trad), My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose (Trad), Green Grow The Rashes O (Trad), A Man's A Man For A' That ( Trad).

10. The White Cockade R 8 x 32
The White Cockade (Aird), Bonnie Mally Lee (Trad), Willie's Gaen Tae Melville Castle (Trad), Duncan Gray (Trad), There was a Lad (Trad), Maggie Lauder (Trad), Hey, Johnnie Cope (Trad), Kate Dalrymple (Trad).

11. The Saltire Medley S48 /R 48
The Centenary Jewel (Phil Cunningham), Sandy's New Chanter (Tom MacAllister).

12. Bedrule S 8 x 32
The Annandale Strathspey (Anna Robertson), Mrs. Moyra Sutherland (Eric Allan), Stuart's Strathspey (Eric Allan), The Aberdeen Festival (Alasdair Fraser), Miss Z. Loughman (Sharpe).

13. The Kelloholm Jig J 8 x 32
The Kelloholm Jig (Peter Hyssett), The Rock Valley Jig (John Burt), Peter's Jig (Kelli Trotier), Sam's Sugar Bush Jig (Gerry Smith), The Rusty Nail (Norman Truman), Richmorra (Jack Hayes), Brogan's Cove Jig (Mac Brogan).

14. Reel of the Puffins 2 chords R 4 x 32
The Black Bear (Trad),

Band line-up:

Accordion 1/ Keyboards - Jim Lindsay
Accordion 2 /Keyboards - David Hume
Violin - Ron Kerr
Piano & Bass - Dennis Morrison
Drums - Malcolm Ross

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