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Jenna Reid - Morning Moon [CD]

Jenna Reid - Morning Moon [CD]

Ref: LOFCD002

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 0880992144179

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Price: 11.65


Jenna is one of the finest young Shetland fiddlers and for this, her 3rd solo album, she is joined by a great team of musicians on piano, guitar, flute, drums, accordion, double bass and even Nickelharpa. The quality of playing is superb.

1. Untitled March
2. Hei Tutti Tetti
3. KT Boyle's
4. Leaving Lerwick Harbour
5. Light & Airy
6. Goran Berg's
7. Big Dougal
8. Burravoe
9. The Greenside
10. Not Lie Down
11. Archie Neil Chisholm
12. Nellies Favourite

Jenna is joined on the recording by a cast of great musicians, many of whom she has worked with for years including Harris Playfair, Kevin Mackenzie, Bethany Reid, Duncan Lyall, Iain Sandilands, James Thomson and Kathleen Boyle. Special guest, Olov Johansson from Swedish band Vasen also features

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