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Iain Cathcart and His Band - Truly Scrumptious [CD]

Iain Cathcart and His Band - Truly Scrumptious [CD]


Format: CD


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The band's second release features the regular 6-piece line-up playing 15 tracks of their favourite music. Scottish dance music including jigs, reels, marches, waltzes, plus a couple of unusual tracks for added variety!

1. The Troops Of Mull
2. Slainte
3. Waltzing With Calum
4. Fantasmagorical
5. Captain Carswell's Castle
6. Kilberry Twostep
7. Pat The Budgie
8. Burns Plus One
9. The Hampden Set
10. Jim Royle's Banjo Favourites
11. Lifting Anchor
12. Waltz From The West
13. Ladies Choice
14. Turned Full Circle
15. Saunter Through Ireland

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