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Scottish Saltire

George Meikle & The Lothian Band - Scottish Dance Vol 10 (CD)

George Meikle & The Lothian Band - Scottish Dance Vol 10 (CD)

Ref: HRMCD510

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642051025

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Price: 11.59

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Much travelled, much acclaimed, the Lothian Scottish Dance Band present their latest collection of dances for a superb evening's dancing. "Firm favourites for many years".

With Stewart Reid (fiddle), Alan Rintoul (piano/bass), George Gray (drums).

1. Tullyvolan (5x32 Reel)
2. Look Aboot Ye' (4x32 Jig)
3. Kinfaun's Castle (5x32 Strathspey)
4. Crossing The Line (6x32 Reel)
5. The Faraway Isle (4x48 Jig)
6. Cambuskenneth (1x80 Strathspey)
7. The Kenora Reel (8x32 Reel)
8. The Dancing Dominie (4x32 Strathspey)
9. Spiffin (5x32 Jig)
10. The Dunivard Reel (8x32 Reel)
11. The Royal Wedding (8x32 Strathspey)
12. Auchinellan Jig (8x32 Jig)
13. Anniversary Reel (4x32 Reel)
14. Equilibrium (8x32 Jig)

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