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George Stirrat And his Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Accordion Favourites [CD]

George Stirrat And his Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Accordion Favourites [CD]

Ref: BRHCD76

Format: CD


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A stirring collection of vintage tracks featuring the excellent accordion playing of George Stirrat. Some solo pieces, and some dance sets with his band, including some of his own compositions.

1. The Black Dance: Original - Lord Randall's Bride - Lass o' Gowrie - Waves of Torry
2. Highland Piper's Society of Glasgow
3. Lorna Ann Stirrat's Waltz
4. A Kiss for Nothing: Original - A.M.Shinnie - Ann Frazer McKenzie - John Grumlie
5. Scotland Yet: Jeanie Gray - My Nannie O - Scotland Yet.
6. Road To the Isles: Major MacKay's Jig - The Eriskay Ferryman
7. Kiss Me Quick, My Mother's Coming: Original - Babes In the Wood - Kirk's Hornpipe - Persian Dance
8. Reels: Mrs.Monair of Bruach - Johnstone Hornpipe
9. Gaelic Waltz: The Cuckoo - Will You Go With Me My Fair One - Nach Aghmhor
10. The River Cree: Jackson's Bottle of Claret - Heather Hills - Coldside Jig - Princess Margaret's Jig
11. Flowers of Edinburgh Medley: Original - High Road to Linton - Mason's Apron
12. Hornpipe Medley: Silver Star - Cout's Hornpipe
13. Circassian Circle: Original - Miss Grayton's Hornpipe - The Thurso Wedding - Storrar's Hornpipe
14. Jigs: Athernie Lodge - Cornerhouse Jig - Drunken Parson
15. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet: Original - The Claverhouse Reel - Market Chorus
16. Stirrat's Kate Dalrymple: Original - Rakes of Mallow

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