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Scottish Saltire

Fribo - Happ (CD)

Fribo - Happ (CD)

Ref: FRIBO00035

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 885767573352

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Price: 10.49

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Presenting their second album of new Nu-Nordic music, this album is a step towards the experimental seeing this innovative band taking the meeting place between Celtic & Scandinavian music as as starting point. Scandocelt music is here to stay....

1. Slåttevise / The Scythe
2. Svarttrosten / Pipevise / Outlaws Don't Dance Waltzes
3. Leaving Reindolsætr / The Passed Test
4. Air an fhéill a-muigh / Kvennaviså / The Night We Drank the Puirt
5. The Swallow Twine / Many Little Sheeps & Goats Jumping Around on a Green Meadow / The Waltz of Freedom
6. The Honey Waltz
7. Boat Full O’ Goats
8. Den kaldsteikte / Seljefløyel
9. Miles to Go / The Promise
10. Galen-Maret / All The Night I Lay With Jockey / Salt n' Pupper
11. Sætervise frå Stordal / Klovset

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