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Freeland Barbour - Music For Old Time Dancing Volume 5 [CD]

Freeland Barbour - Music For Old Time Dancing Volume 5 [CD]

Ref: BONSCD705

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 880992142779

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Price: 7.99


The fifth in is a series of CDs for Old Time Dancing by ace accordionist Freeland Barbour.

1. Figure (The Quadrilles)
2. Figure (The Quadrilles)
3. Figure (The Quadrilles)
4. Figure (The Quadrilles)
5. Figure (The Quadrilles)
6. Figure (The Quadrilles)
7. The Cuckoo Waltz (Waltz)
8. The Boston Two Step (Two Step)
9. Valse Superbe (Waltz)
10. Melodie Foxtrot (Foxtrot)
11. Mayfair Quickstep (Quickstep)
12. Progressive Waltz (Waltz)
13. The Gainsborough Glide (Glide)
14. Polka Mazurka (Mazurka)
15. The One Step (One Step/March)
16. La Rosa (Waltz)
17. The Roberts (Two Step)
18. The University Waltz (Waltz)
19. The Maxina (Maxina)
20. The Viennese Waltz (Waltz)
21. The Southern Two Step (Two Step)
22. Fiona's Polka (2/4 Polka)
23. Moonbeam Waltz (Waltz)
24. Sherrie Saunter (Saunter)
25. A Waltz For The Queen (Waltz)
26. The Mississippi Hot Dog (5x32 Reels)
27. The Bluebell Polka (Polka)

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