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Scottish Saltire

Fochabers Fiddlers

Fochabers Fiddlers Frontline - Music Of The Fiddle Vol 7 (CD)

Fochabers Fiddlers Frontline - Music Of The Fiddle Vol 7 (CD)

Ref: CDTHIS007

Frontline - the best players from the Fochabers Fiddlers produced this album back in 1999, here it has been repackaged and re-issued. Over an hour of great fiddling from these youngsters, with a couple of songs from Clare Alexander.

1. Armstrong's Jig
2. Waiting For The Federals
3. The Skyeman's Jig
4. Caledonia
5. Bulgarian Red
6. The Banshee
7. Goat On The Hill
8. Paddy's Leather Breeches
9. Jackie Coleman
10. After The Storm
11. Morrison's Jig
12. Brenda Stubbert's Reel
13. Duelling Banjos
14. Until We Meet Again

Price: 7.75

Fochabers Fiddlers - 1998-2006 (DVD)

Fochabers Fiddlers - 1998-2006 (DVD)

Ref: ROSSDVD6231

Stirring fiddle music from the Fochabers Fiddlers taken from all their previous recordings. Filmed on locations throughout the area and featuring singing and even Highland Dancing.

1. The Wind That Shakes The Barley / The Gravel Walk
2. La Grande Chaine
3. Calliope House / The Clumsy Lover
4. Craigellachie Brig / The Armstrong's Jig (with dancers Alison Black & Fiona Christie)
5. Spring And Summer (Milne's High School Choir directed by Katherine Robertson)
6. George Christie Of Fochabers
7. The Music O' Spey
8. The Pearl 9
9. The Barrowburn Reel
10. The Skyeman's Jig / The Barrowburn Reel / John MacNeill's Reel
11. Calum's Road
12. Waiting For The Federals
13. Rory MacLeod / Jig O' Slurs / Alan MacPherson Of Mosspark
14. Memories Of Father Angus MacDonnell / The Kesh Jig
15. Cajun Fiddlin' On The Bayou
16. Knockdhu / Islay Rant / Lorna Grant Of Advie
17. Hurlock's Reel / Willafjord / Spoot O' Skerry
18. A Night In That Land
19. Bulgarian Red / The Banshee
20. The Gravel Walk / The Reconciliation

Format: All zones PAL

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Price: 11.99

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