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Eric Linklater - Eric Linklater [CD]

Eric Linklater - Eric Linklater [CD]

Ref: ATCD082

Format: CD


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The debut album by this young talented Orcadian fiddler Eric Linklater. A student at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire, Eric shows his deft touch on a range of tunes from his native Orkney as well as tunes from further afield.

Joining him is Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, Stewart Shearer, Ryan Cooper, Owen Tierney and David Delday.

1. Hugh's American Reel
2. The Standing Stones
3. Old Norwegian Polka
4. Sean McGuire Reels
5. Norsk Rheinlander
6. Orkney Isles Hornpipe
7. Wes And Maggie's Ceilidh Croft
8. Jig For Jane
9. The Cavan Reel
10. Love O' Da Isles
11. Cotton Patch Rag
12. Happy Tom
13. The Fiddle Cushion
14. Mermaid's Chair

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