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Eric Bogle - A Toss Of The Coin (with John Munro) [CD]

Eric Bogle - A Toss Of The Coin (with John Munro) [CD]

Ref: CDTRAX375

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5018081037520

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In 2009 Eric Bogle completed his final tour of the U.K. and Europe and now confines his touring to Australia and New Zealand, which is of course a huge loss to his legions of fans here and in North America. These fans will, however, be very pleased to learn that Eric has not given up song-writing and recording - and 'A Toss of The Coin' testifies to that. This is Eric's long-awaited new album and again confirms he is one of the best and most prolific songwriters of the last several decades.

The new album takes a slightly different direction to Eric's most recent recordings in that Eric sings ten of the songs, while John Munro not only contributes two new songs but sings them as well. Of remaining songs, seven are entirely works by Eric, one other is a poem to which Eric has written the music and the remaining two are song-writing contributions by friends. As usual Eric's songs reflect the times we live in and recent world events.

The first song - 'Ashes' - was written after a visit to Strathewen, Victoria, Australia, ten weeks after the 'Black Saturday' bushfires of February, 2009, in which 173 souls perished. It is dedicated to Dave Magahey, Captain of Arthurs Creek and Strathewen Fire Brigade. This is yet another classic from Eric's pen and ranks with his all time greats, including a personal favourite: 'As If He Knows'. But this is not a one-track wonder album. Just listen to 'Song For James', about a young Irish lad knocked down and killed by a truck and his fathers subsequent efforts to help keep his son's memory alive. Then there is 'Reg Evans' Cradle', another powerful and emotional song rising from the ashes of the 'Black Saturday' fires. Eric has also put music to John MacRae's widely known 1st World War poem, 'In Flanders Field', bringing the poem to life. The two songs written by friends Mike O'Callaghan and Pete Titchener/June Harrison - 'When an Angel Appears' and 'Don't Throw Away Your Dreams' respectively, emphasises that Eric also knows good songs when he sees them.

John Munro (guitars, mandolin, ukulele and vocals), as always, features greatly in Eric's line-up of studio musicians, which also includes the talents of Emma Luker (fiddle and cello), Damien Steele Scott (electric basses, piano and guitar), Pete Titchener (guitars and vocals), Jon James (drum and percussion), amongst several other guests. A formidable line up. Peter Titchener also recorded the album and co-produced it with Eric.

1. Ashes
2. By The Arafura Sea
3. Song For James
4. Absolution
5. In Flanders Fields
6. Reg Evans' Cradle
7. When An Angel Appears
8. Home Is The Hero
9. A Toss Of The Coin
10. Roll Call
11. Glory Days
12. Don't Throw Away Your Dreams

Release Year: 2013

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