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Scottish Saltire Music For Christmas and New Year

Duan Nollaig Carol Book (Book)

Duan Nollaig Carol Book (Book)

Ref: MDM01

Format: Book

EAN / ISBN: 9780948026089

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A collection of sixteen Christmas Carols, some are translations into Gaelic of well-known songs and carols, all are featured on the CD of the same name. Arranged for voice and piano, with full notation and chord symbols.

1. Leanabh An Aigh (The Blessed Infant / Morning Has Broken)
2. A Righ Nan Righrean (King Of Kings)
3. Paiste Am Betlehem (Child Of Bethlehem)
4. Ciuin An Oidhche (Silent Night)
5. Anns An Dubhlachd Gheamhraidh (In The Bleak Midwinter)
6. Laoidh Mhoire Mhaighdeann (The Vigin Mary's Hymn)
7. Oran Na Bhliadn' Uir (New Year Song)
8. Naoidhein Priseil (Precious Thing)
9. Duan Nollaig (Christmas Song)
10. An Rionnag (The Star)
11. Iosa Bu Choir A Mholadh (Praise Christ)
12. Fada Cian Ann An Staball (Away In A Manger)
13. Rinn Sinn Bodach Sneachd An Diugh (We Made A Snowman Today)
14. Air A Chiad Latha Den Nollaig (12 Days Of Christmas)
15. Tha E Tighinn (He Is Coming)
16. Nollaig Chridheil (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)

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