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Scottish Saltire

David Anderson & His Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Dance Vol 8 (CD)

David Anderson & His Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Dance Vol 8 (CD)

Ref: HRMCD508

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642050820

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Price: 11.59

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Excellent dancing pace, lifted to a high. A band which specialises in country dance music and has a very clean, tight, yet laid-back sound with some nice arrangements.

1. Mrs MacLeod (Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay, Susan Cooper, Geordie Barrie, Mickie Ainsworth) (8x32 Reel)
2. Culla Bay (The MacAulays Of Benbecula, The One Tune Piper, Golden Harvest, Norman's Law) (4x32 Strathspey)
3. Jennifer's Jig (G.B. Bell's Fancy, Dave Provans' Jig, Miss Katrina Margaret Douglas) (8x32 Jig)
4. Ellwyn's Fairy Glen (Niel Gow's Farewell To Whisky, George Darling, Pam Finlayson's Reel, Traditional Air) (8x32 Reel)
5. Moray Rant (Tae Gar Ye Loup, The Flower Of The Quern, The Rowan Tree) (3x48 Strathspey)
6. Campbell's Frolic (Roaring Jelly, Anne Fraser MacKenzie, Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre) (8x32 Jig)
7. Chevy Chase (93rd Farewell To Edinburgh, Willafjord, Sally Gardens, Brumley Brae) (8x32 Reel)
8. Lamb Skinnet (Mary Bain's Wedding, Soldier's Dance, Fairy Jig) (8x32 Jig)
9. Rob Roy (Mrs Hay Of Yester, Archie Brown, Mrs Fancis Weymss, Sir Reginald MacDonald) (4x32 Reel)
10. Moment Of Truth (Miss Erskine Of Torry, Scotch Mist, Niel Gow, John Robertson, Duke Of Edinburgh, Auld Luckie, Peter Sanderson's Strathspey, Alan Maxwell's Farewell To Balmerino) (8x32 Strathspey)
11. Blacksmith Of Elgin (Peter Rae, Fergie's Jig, Gibby Laing's Jig, Maureen's Jig) (8x48 Jig)
12. Miss Thompson's Reel (Miss Thompson's Reel, Alasdair Of The Den, Lass O' Gowrie, Johnnie Cope, Lochiel House) (5x32 Reel)
13. Off She Goes In The North (Mrs Seller's Favourite, John Grumlie, Athernie Lodge, Harry C. Ogilvie) (4x32 Jig)
14. Bolt Court (Chinese Dance, Winster Gallop, The Ton, Come Let Us Dance And Sing) (4x48 Reel)

David Anderson - 1st Accordion
Bruce Quirie - 2nd Accordion
Dennis Morrison - Piano
Mark McDougal - Bass
David Bell - Drums

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