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Scottish Saltire

Da Fustra - Strikes Again (CD)

Da Fustra - Strikes Again (CD)

Ref: HRMCD004

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642000429

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Price: 11.59

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The second lively album from Shetland's foremost ceilidh band. Peter Wood (accordion), Inga Wood (fiddle), Derek Hendry (piano), Cecil Hughson (bass guitar), Douglas Johnstone (drums). "A rollicking collection of dance-hall favourites".

1. Britannia Two-step (The MacLeods Of Mishnish, Maureen's Jig, Ivor Scollay Of Burravoe)
2. Dashing White Sergeant (Uncle Magnie's Reel, Bill Buchan's Reel, Lynnes's Reel)
3. Veleta Waltz (Simmer Dim)
4. Eva Three-step (Dovecote Park, Glendaruel Highlanders)
5. Virginia Reel (Crooked Stovepipe, Old French, Blind Man's Reel, Blackberry Blossom)
6. Da Foula Reel (Da Shaalds O' Foula, Da Ellabister Burn, Norven House, The Long Tailed Mouse)
7. Gay Gordons (Queen Of The North, Carnival, The Guizer's March)
8. Postman Pat
9. Shetland Reel (St. Ninian's Isle, Gordon's Favourite, Mickey Ainsworth)
10. Boston Two-step (Ta-li-ho Two-step)
11. St. Bernard's Waltz (The Shetland Bus, Shalder's Ayre)
12. Hornpipes (Billy Wilson's Clog, Stacks Of Barley, Minstrel's Fancy, North Sea Hornpipe)
13. Strip The Willow (Banks Of The Allen Water, Drunken Parson, Shandon Bells, Over The Sea)
14. Canadian Barn Dance (Dr. James Donaldson, John Carmichael's Farewell To Scotland)
15. Circassian Circle (Da Bixter Boys, Miss Susan Cooper, Burns Lane Boys, Derek & Cheryl)
16. Gulberwick Bay

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