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Scottish Saltire

Da Fustra - Over The Waves To Shetland (CD)

Da Fustra - Over The Waves To Shetland (CD)

Ref: HRMCD012

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642001228

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Price: 11.59

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Fast-paced, full-bodied and totally intoxicating, Da Fustra blast back with another album of excellent dance sets in the Shetland tradition. Superb arrangements and oodles of bounce; waltzes, two-steps, three-steps, reels and jigs, plus a slow air or two for a breather. Plenty of wonderful local tunes, and standards in Shetland styling. Definitely a partying album, for Hogmanay, birthday or any other day.

1. Military Two-Step
2. St Bernard's Waltz
3. Shetland Eightsome Reel
4. Palais Glide
5. Gay Gordons Two-Step
6. Victory Waltz
7. Eva Three-Step
8. The Waves of Tory
9. Tango
10. Slow Air
11. Call of the Pipes
12. Black Mountain Reel
13. Britannia Two-Step
14. Blue Danube Waltz
15. Orkney Eva Three-Step
16. Postie's Jig
17. Gay Gordons
18. Jig & Reel
19. Old Time Waltz
20. Boston Two-Step.

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