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Da Shanty Yellmen - Silver Darlings [CD]

Da Shanty Yellmen - Silver Darlings [CD]


Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5031642634129

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Price: 12.65


A number of Traditional well know shanties along with three loved Shetland Dialect songs and one, the title track, completely new. All sung by the most Northerly shanty group in the U.K.

1. Blow the man down
2. A'rovin
3. The Diamond
4. Venezuela
5. Pump Shanty
6. Mingulay Boat Song
7. Leave her, Johnny
8. Bell-bottemed Trousers
9. Drunken Sailor
10. Spanish Ladies
11. Dutch Medley
12. Farewell ta Yell
13. Song o da Papa Men
14. Gyaan ta da Far Haaf
15. Shoals of Herring
16. Whisky Johnny
17. Ogilvie's boat
18. Silver Darlings

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