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Scottish Saltire

Colin Campbell - The Collected Songs (CDx2)

Colin Campbell - The Collected Songs (CDx2)

Ref: CCRCD005

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 5060073260249

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Price: 13.39

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At last - it's on CD! Yes, The Road Rage Cowboy hits the turntables at full speed, along with Mrs Mac's B&B, Last Ferry To Skye, Highland Wind Crofter, Traveller's Guide To Caithness and other hilarious gems from the crooning crofter. A double CD pack contains Colin's offerings of pithy insight into Highland life, with a few serious songs to let you gather your breath betweentimes. The ultimate in Highland humour.

CD 1 includes Road Rage Cowboy, Perthshire Autumn, Mains of Slacktackit, Traveller's Guide to Caithness, Farewell Tae Tarwathie, Banffshire Braes, Grease Gun Geordie, Scottish Farmer, Rock a Hula Quinnie, Highland Grain, Gaff With No Scales, Mrs Mac's B&B, Radio Caithness Weather, Div Ye Mind & more.

CD 2 includes Shorepath to Kyle, Balmacarra Once More, Highland Dams, Scottish Diet, Col Cowboy Builder, Country Clothes, Highland Wind Crofter, Midge McNipper, Laird Lamb Sale, The GM Kid, Old Cornhill Mart, Last Ferry to Skye, Skye Bridge Tolls, Kilbaddie's Bonnie Quine, The Furrow's End & more.

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