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Christina Stewart

Christina Stewart - Haunting (CDx2)

Christina Stewart - Haunting (CDx2)

Ref: FB004

Enter the eerie otherworld of the supernatural through Scottish oral tradition in 14 songs mirrored by 14 spoken tracks from Christina Stewart with singers Christine McClenaghan and Alpin Stewart, musicians Martin MacDonald & Jo Baird, storyteller Andrew Mackintosh & seanchaidh Iain M Campbell.

1. Blow Ye Winds Blow
2. Nighean Nan Geug
3. Tam Glen
4. Da Laimh Sa Phiob
5. Binnorie
6. Oran Na Maighdainn Mhara
7. The Grey Selkie
8. Oran Leannan Sidhe
9. Lord Lovat
10. Fine Flowers In The Valley
11. Bonn Beinn Eadarra
12. True Thomas
13. Thig Am Bata
14. Annie Of Lochroyan
15. The Kings Three Questions
16. Guardian Ghost
17. Divining For Love
18. Two Hands For The Pipes
19. The Brist-Bane Harp
20. The Sisters Of Loch Duich
21. Selkies And Grey Seals
22. The Fairy Lover
23. Echoes Of The Future
24. The Accusing Ghost
25. The Headless Corpse
26. Encounters With Fairies
27. The Boat Will Come
28. The Laggan Witch

Price: 16.59

Christina Stewart - Kist O Dreams (CD)

Christina Stewart - Kist O Dreams (CD)

Ref: FB002

Folklore, Scottish Studies, Ethnological data, traditional music – all rolled into one. A charming CD of lullabies from the Scottish tradition sung at a gentle rocking pace. Christina sings mainly unaccompanied, but Bill Taylor joins her on harps for some tracks. A very attractive album.

1. Bidh Clann Ulaidh
2. Can ye Sew Cushions?
3. Crodh an Tailleir
4. Dean Bà Bà mo Leanabh
5. Dream Angus
6. Fairy Lullaby
7. Da Fetlar Lullaby
8. Gille Beag ò
9. Tàladh Thròndairnis
10. Miner’s Lullaby
11. Minnie o Shirva’s Cradle Sang
12. Tàladh Choinnich Oig
13. Tà ladh Chriosd
14. The Benediction.

Price: 11.59

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