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Celtic Fusion

Celtic Fusion (CDx2)

Celtic Fusion (CDx2)

Ref: 4724647

36 tracks celebrating the best of Celtic music through the deft playing of fiddle, accordion, harp, whistles and pipes. The title is a little misleading as this is mainly laid back traditional music. Artistes include Jenny Crook, G MacLeman, David Shelley, Ric Blair, Columbia Minstrels

Disk 1

1. Hunting The Whale
2. Moran's Return/ Reve Musical/ Cydeside Lassies
3. Died For Love
4. Flatbush Waltz
5. The Magicians Cloak
6. Johnny I Do Miss You/ Dan Mac's
7. The Drunken Guager
8. The Hairy Doc Leaf/ The Piper's Despair
9. The Flower's Of The Forest
10. Galtee Mountain Piper
11. The Sligo Maid/ Jack O'lids
12. The Mooncoin Jig/ Paddy Clancy's
13. The Fair Maiden
14. The Blossom And The Rain
15. Wainsborough/ Over The Moor To Maggie
16. Inisheer
17. Today & For Evermore
18. To A Wild Rose

Disk 2

1. Ed Reavey's/ Tripping Down The Stair's
2. Cape Breton Jig/ The Down
3. Finore
4. Joyride
5. Ten Thousand Miles
6. Jig With No Name
7. Kwela Ceilidh
8. Paddy Fahey's/ Jenny's Getting Pickled/ Down The Broom
9. An Raibh Tu Ag An Gcarraig - with
10. Hear, Hold, Love, Enfold
11. The Life
12. Ag Criost An Tsiol
13. Crosses Of Annagh
14. Down By The Sally Gardens
15. The Lark's Melody
16. The Spring Meadow
17. Field Of Anthern Rye
18. Lamentations Of Limerick

Price: 4.79

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