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Catriona McKay and Olov Johansson - The Auld Harp [CD]

Catriona McKay and Olov Johansson - The Auld Harp [CD]

Ref: OJM010

Format: CD

EAN / ISBN: 7320470175217

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Two Harp Traditions Meet! Internationally recognised for their individual harp talents, combine beautifully on their second collabaration -The Auld Harp. Catriona McKay (Scottish Harp) and Olov Johansson (Swedish nyckelharpa ). Catriona, from Fiddlers’ Bid, a Celtic harper like no other, and Olov from the band. Vasen break new ground with their stunning interplay and beautiful melodies.

1. The Auld Harp
2. Rory Dall’s Port /Masbopolketten
3. Going Green
4. Little Fiddler in the Fire
5. Nacken and Skoella
6. Splash
7. Ballongen
8. Ruben’s Lullaby
9. Vandningen
10. Fritz Widlund
11. January Lament
12. John O’Connor/Tam
13. Umea Strathspey/The Melt/Flying Reel
14. Spelmansgladje

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